I'm a Punjabi-Canadian, agnostic Sikh, feminist, left-leaning, aspiring vegan, law student. My interests include: food, Bollywood, Desiness, politics, literature, and stationery. Currently, I'm going through a lot of self-exploration & embracing a fluid/flexible moral code.
- Comrade Jas
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is a great word. Enter an estate-holding femme fatale cracking her whip-smart knowledge of property law to secure titular & usufructory domination of her successors from beyond the grave. Hot. (via inverbisnonverba)

I got the best response from my friend after asking her whether she thought my behaviour to another friend indicated some “more than friends” intentions:

CK: “Well, I can’t really say. From my perspective but knowing you, it’s just Jas being Jas. Also due to your fluidity, it could be ANYTHING and I can’t find any way of thinking or even suspecting without either relying on hetero- or homo- stereotypes (and I wouldn’t know which ones apply) or finding out from you directly”  

This made me incredibly happy! Although, it also lead me to wonder if I wish to indicate “more than friends” intentions towards someone, whether I actually have to be explicit? Yes/no/maybe? I’m also curious as to how one propositions for something that isn’t an exclusive sexual relationship. Heteronormativity is rearing its head in my face because I can only conceive of propositions to that effect but cannot understand how I could propose something like a completely non-exclusive make out session without it being conceived of as awkward in the context of a friendship. I guess the simple answer would be to openly discuss it? But where’s the fun in that? It seems to lack the flirtatious elements that would add amusement and spice to these sorts of interactions.

Note the deliberate ambiguity ;). I can be so theoretical about things, I just keep wanting to theorize but not bother with practice. Makes me think of the Marx quote: “Philosophy is to real life as masturbation is to sex” (which is apt on multiple levels). 

I particularly adore this one. I like the Ryan Gosling meme, but I also LOVE this take on it. <3 Internets making me happy.

I particularly adore this one. I like the Ryan Gosling meme, but I also LOVE this take on it. <3 Internets making me happy.


I guess I have decided this will be bi-daily posts, which means they’ll be super long and filled with too many pictures. I wonder how long I will keep this up for, but anyways, I’ve decided to add sub-headings. Exciting, right? I find they help organize my thoughts and this is how I write exams, so it’s good practice (wtf, did I just justify tumbling as exam practice…yeah, I totally did #facepalm).

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Yesterday turned out to be a total wash of a day. It was like the way my Reading Week felt: I didn’t get any work but I didn’t have any fun. I hate when I do this. It’s the most useless way of spending one’s life. I’d much rather just have fun. Next time, I need someone to tell me to just go out and do something fun.

Crockpot Creations

Check out my first efforts with the Crockpot. I probably should have found a recipe, but instead I threw in things that I thought would be delicious. I put in lentils, red kidney beans, rice, broccoli, a red bell pepper, a celery, tomatoes, and a carrot. It turned out to be mush, but totally delicious mush. I’m pretty glad about the Crockpot, so many ideas. Next up: vegan kheer. Yeah, my mouth waters at the thought too.

Gardein Buffalo Wings

I’m such a hungry bear (speaking of which, I currently think I may be hungry again after eating dinner & having two smoothies #facepalm), I decided my mush would not be enough to feed me, so I pulled out these Gardein wings. I’ve never actually tried any Gardein products. I was feeling really strange about the smell of the sauce. I think having been vegetarian this long, one develops aversions to things that are associated with meat, which obviously buffalo sauce has been for me. However, the wings were delicious. I’m so excited about learning more about my food. I’ve just recently learned about TVP (textured vegetable protein). It’s fascinating, I’ve been eating it for years, just not knowing what it was.


I finished up the last two vegan gulab jamuns…and I also had some of my vegan pineapple coconut ice cream. I love this ice cream so much. I need to find a vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream. I’ve been craving that.


Best sub-heading, right? I ended up “watching” (only half-paying attention to) Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Yeah, I know, I don’t know why I watched it. I suppose when I’m having a terrible day, the solution is to add its terribleness. It was a dumb movie, nothing that pushed the boundaries or anything like that. But it got me thinking about porn. 

I recently checked out porn for the first time (recently meaning like two months ago). I find it fascinating how people navigate discourse about porn, especially from my perspective as a woman. I was in a course on Sexual Ethics last year, in which this fairly anti-feminist guy pointed out how he thought feminist porn was some fiction & that he knew no one who actually watched. To me, it just seemed like, well why would anyone tell you that they watch feminist porn (especially him)? But it’s also interesting to me that I only know one woman that openly has talked to me about watching porn. I’m not sure if men talk to each other about porn, or how people of other genders approach it. It’s just interesting to me that it’s something that I have never really had discussions about. I just wonder if it has to do with porn being too intimate of an experience, like is it just TMI? (I have really sketch notions of TMI, as I tweet about my menstrual cycle) Or is it this socialization that we shouldn’t talk about sex? Anyways, I was going to theorize more, but I just discovered a pro-sex vegetarian/vegan porn site, so I need to reflect on it…? :O They have nude pictures of people making veggie food…I’m not even sure if I should comment on this.

Straight Edge

Probably a strange transition from porn to straight edge (vxv). I just recently discovered this straight edge vegan movement. It’s fascinating! I love the radicalism. It is also explains to me why someone asked me at some point whether my non-participation in alcohol was a straight edge thing. I don’t really have a position on it yet, but it kind of excites me to learn more about it.

Humble the Poet

So yesterday was a day of discovering radicalism. Humble the Poet is a young South Asian Canadian poet. I know he’s popular amongst a lot of my fellow young desis, including my brother. But I have never taken time to listen to his works. I stumbled on this last night at 2 am. It breaks my heart because the stories are so real, things that I know and have experienced. It’s a brilliant navigation of diasporic politics, social justice concepts, and is artistic. 

This is the type of thing that I truly care about, but it also is so personal that I often struggle with it. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on multiculturalism and gender equality. The literature on the subject was about dealing with tensions between the two. I found myself evaluating the way I was raised and I remembered some really uncomfortable things that I had forgotten. The literature tends to argue that girls in minority cultures are socialized to believe they have less value than their brothers. When reflecting on this, I remembered that my mother use to tell me when I was 5 or so things like “girls shouldn’t talk so much” or “girls shouldn’t laugh so loudly” (background: I was admittedly a pretty loud and talkative kid…heck I still am, and I love laughing). I also remembered that I would ask her “why” and upon not receiving a satisfactory answer would continue to my own thing. On the one hand, I was pretty happy to recall that I’ve always been quite assertive. But, on the other hand, my mom has changed quite a bit and would never say something like that to me, so it made me feel uncomfortable. How do I even deal with that? It’s always difficult to study things that are so personal and that you care so much about. 

Monday, 5 March 2012

Today was a chaotic day - but way better than yesterday. I had one of those days where I was rushing to get things put together because I was so unproductive. 

Summer Research Position

I was offered the summer research position on the project on animals, law, and feminism. I’m so excited about this. It’s exactly where I’m at both personally and academically. I’m so pumped about it, I want to start reading some critical theory literature to familiarize myself with the relevant material. I can’t decide what to start with.


I had my first moot (mock trial). See my chaotic paper mess of preparation and my lovely friend D, who I had dinner with after the moot. She’s fabulous. She’s into Doctor Who, politics, and stationery. I’ve decided the combination of these three things automatically elevates people to a level of coolness. 

Witness my silly self-portrait & my shoes.


Anyways, I’m kind of exhausted now. I think I philosophized about too many things in this post. I’m not sure if I should separate things out into smaller posts, or just keep it lengthy like this. I’m not sure if anyone has actually read to this point, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Added Observations on Food

Also, I cut up a pineapple! And then I made a pineapple, raspberry, and coconut milk smoothie. It was so delicious. I can’t even begin to capture the deliciousness. Oh, I tried rice milk this week! I got this brown basmati kind & I quite like the flavour. I need to go buy some brown rice for my kheer recipe & I want to buy some quinoa, take the plunge and try making it. I also want some more Gardein products (but I think I may have to class them under junk food). I feel like I’ve been eating & thinking about food *way* more since going vegan - not sure if this is good or bad yet.

What a day! It started out pretty good, although I had weird dreams and woke up a number of times. My morning was excellent: packed up some leftover fried rice for lunch, my morning oatmeal, and some tea. I love torts class so much that I even ran for the bus to ensure I would be on time - and I was! However, it was a good reminder that I should probably do something to get into shape…maybe take up running… Anyways, torts is so brilliant, I often find myself nodding viciously towards the end fo the class because the professor is so brilliant. I will have to take #ALLTHEclasses that he teaches.

Lunchtime event was on the polygamy reference. It’s so fascinating! One of the speakers was Michael Vonn, she’s absolutely brilliant! I asked about the distinction between polyamory and polygamy because technically the polygamous marriages in Bountiful, BC are really one marriage and long-term conjugal relations with others. This strikes me as problematic because one could easily be in a committed long-term polyamorous relationship that involves potentially living together. The difference at this point is not at all clear. Vonn indicated that there were clearly some serious implications for polyamory. Besides this specific issue, the whole thing is filled with awful assumptions of the superiority of monogamous marriage. The thing is just so problematic. Regardless of one’s position on the topic, it’s deeply disconcerting that we are using the criminal law to prevent people from marrying.

I was quite irritable at the end of the day. I’ve been pretty irritable lately - on and off. I can’t seem to peg exactly why it is, but I am willing to admit it’s quite irrational. I ended up on a bit of a walk around downtown, which helped me clear my mind and realize how irrational I have been.

I’ve noticed some of my friends seem to be reacting in interesting ways upon learning of my choice to become vegan. It’s turning out to be a real political statement. Some of my friends seem to give me this impression of feeling like I’m judging them for not being vegan - which obviously, I’m not, because I couldn’t really give a fuck since veganism for me is a super personal choice. But, essentially, some of them have either been genuinely interested in my ethical reasons for the choice or telling me about how they are considering it. I’ve just been reacting to this with annoyance, for some reason I just don’t want to talk about it with people, possibly because I received a few judgemental reactions (maybe just one - the suggestion was that I chose to become vegan for a really frivolous reason, which honestly hurt me) and become defensive. However, reflecting on it made me realize that 1. I’m being stupid, 2. I should be flattered that my friends are interested in my ethics, and 3. I’m particularly struck that I should be helpful if they are considering veganism as an option. Writing this out is helping me come to terms with it even more, I think that one judgemental reaction really hit me, especially coming from someone I thought I trusted.

Anyways, I happily finally got my rain boots! Check them out! They look so cool. They’re from a local, cruelty-free vegan shop. I had a hard time leaving the shop without buying something else. Resist! But I’m sure I will end up there again. This is my first pair of rain boots and I’m so excited to jump in puddles now. They also look so cool.

Ah, I just remembered some interesting interactions I had with strangers. This guy tried to ask me for change downtown and I apologized. He gave me the sweetest smile & told me to have a good day. Sometimes people are so nice.

But then on the bus, an older and larger South Asian woman came on the bus and sat next to this middle-aged Caucasian woman. The Caucasian woman began to shake her head in disgust and glancing shiftily at the South Asian woman. This made me feel quite uncomfortable! The South Asian woman decided to get up even though she could barely stand up. I thought she wanted to get off, but then she didn’t get off at the bus stop, so I gave up my seat for her and she sat down. I couldn’t peg if the issue was her race, her size, or the fact that she seemed to invade people’s space (but that might be a size issue). The particular problem was how the Caucasian woman couldn’t stop shaking her head in disgust. Ugh, I’m so bothered by this. Public transit provides me with endless opportunities of questioning society.

I tried out my new Lush Godiva shampoo bar today! It’s fabulous! My hair was so soft. I also got a literal shout out for my hair :D one of my friends (who I think is awesome) shouted halfway across the room to me to tell me that she liked my hair. I’m never going to use any other shampoo lol - I kid but I’m loving it.

MY FIRST BAKING ATTEMPT! Check it out, I tried out vegan banana nut muffins & they turned out pretty yummy. They were a bit too sweet, if I had read the comments on the recipe, I would have realized that everyone used less sugar than the recipe but otherwise it turned out quite well. ( I’m so proud of myself.

I also tried out a vegan pita bread pizza. I’m not a fan of Daiya, I know blasphemy. I ended up picking it off the “pizza” and just eating it with pizza sauce. But apparently that’s what I was craving, it tasted delicious. I always liked pizza sauce more than cheese in the pizza combination. I think I could just eat pizza w/o cheese - I’m going to try to make a legit veggie pizza like this, obviously the stuff wouldn’t stick together but it would still be yummy. Maybe I just didn’t use the Daiya cheese properly…

My daily smoothies continue - today was strawberry, banana, almond & peanut butters with almond milk. I went to London Drugs and bought the extended product warranty on the Magic Bullet - figured it would be useful.

Anyways, this was a *lengthy* post. But lots of thoughts today. Also, time to do more readings. I keep forgetting that I have a moot on Monday (it’s pass/fail). Tomorrow, I’m meeting up a prof for a potential research position, it’s the one about feminism and animal rights that I would *LOVE* to do, so hopefully it works out, but I keep reminding myself that I’m only a first year and probably not as experienced as most people.