I'm a Punjabi-Canadian, agnostic Sikh, feminist, left-leaning, aspiring vegan, law student. My interests include: food, Bollywood, Desiness, politics, literature, and stationery. Currently, I'm going through a lot of self-exploration & embracing a fluid/flexible moral code.
- Comrade Jas
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Quick & easy cake that includes a whole can of chickpeas! 

I saw this recipe that used a box cake mix & threw in a can of blended chickpeas instead of eggs. I’ve been wanting to try it since I saw it.

The cake turned out quite delicious. The tin of frosting appears to be mostly vegan (“may contain milk ingredients”) and the box mix was similar. The cake didn’t stick together very well, which it may do when it completely cools (I was impatient and began eating it right away). It was so good & I can’t believe there is an entire can of chickpeas in it!

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