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British men just don’t know how to use furniture like the rest of us.

Martin doesn’t even get furniture, he gets boxes. 

King of boxes.

Look how pissed he is about it too. “Fuck your chairs.”

Can I just say one thing

Sitting in chairs is not my division. 

is it like a thing or something, “british men struggling to sit in chairs”, like a sort of initiation ceremony or what

“congratulations you are now famous!!! now let’s get you to your ‘chairs how do’ photoshoot”


Matt Smith tho.  It’s like….Well.  I won’t even try.

this post should be named life ruiners/chairs

lmao Rupert Graves XD



What are you even doing, you silly gorgeous people. Rupert, that is not a legitimate sitting position. Is it even a position. 

I still sit (correctly) and laugh for like 5 fucking minutes every time I see that picture of Martin.

Can we talk about how Mark Gatiss is all, “I’m on a lounge, bitches,” for a hot second?  All of these British men being all weird in their sitting choices and Gatiss is JUDGING them SO MUCH?

“Is that really how you all sit down?  Really?  And where again were you raised?  If the Queen could see you now….”

excuse me, world

we forgot someone


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